Skin Care System Philosophy

We believe that Skin Care routines should be simple and easy— something that even busy working women will be able to follow through. With Kamiseta Skin Care System, we are providing our customers with no non-sense, high-quality, synergistic concoctions, and progressive sets of skin care products that is sure to transform every woman’s skin care routine. 


Instawhite System 

The perfect follow through to the Ultra Whitening System, the Instawhite System will help you maintain the results of the former. Providing your skin with consistent nourishment and reliable protection from free radicals and environmental aggressors, this will aid you in maintaining healthy and glowing skin. 

  • Instawhite Collagen Soap 
    • The holy grail for a smoother and brighter glow, the Instant White Collagen Soap has a concentrated blend of natural skin whitening compounds that promotes an overall smoother complexion. 
  • Fastwhite Collagen Lotion
    • The secret to a radiant, healthier, and whiter skin complexion is our Fast White Collagen Lotion. This unique lotion delivers skin enhancing benefits by restoring your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Highly concentrated with collagen, the formula hydrates and softens the skin while simultaneously minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Magic Collagen Pinkish Glow Cream 
    • Achieve a natural pinkish glow and a firmer looking skin with the Magic Collagen Pinkish Glow Cream. Formulated with quality ingredients which will boost collagen production and brighten your skin, daily use of this will help keep your skin glowing and youthful. 
  • Instawhite Whitening & Bleaching Mousse Cream 
    • Boasting multiple benefits such as sun protection, whitening, and moisturizing, this day cream is the solution for those who want to achieve fairer skin. Highly concentrated with hydrolyzed collagen, this concoction will also give your skin a fresh and supple finish.