Skin Care System Philosophy

We believe that Skin Care routines should be simple and easy— something that even busy working women will be able to follow through. With Kamiseta Skin Care System, we are providing our customers with no non-sense, high-quality, synergistic concoctions, and progressive sets of skin care products that is sure to transform every woman’s skin care routine. 


Ultra Whitening System 

Created with the aim of “Perfecting the healthy white”, this system is a skin-friendly, multifunctional, microexfoliating line which targets blemishes, dullness, uneven skin tone, roughness, and dryness. Recommended for people with dry, oily, and combination skin. 

  • Papaya Triple Whitening Soap
    • Your next step to fairer and brighter complexion? Our Papaya Triple Whitening Soap! Formulated and infused with potent but gentle whitening ingredients, this promotes a brighter and an overall radiant finish with daily use. It’s also concentrated with antioxidants and vitamins for skin-enhancing benefits such as fighting off free-radicals that causes premature skin aging.
  • Advanced Rejuvenating PM Toner
    • Cleansing is the most important step in skin care. Our Advanced Rejuvenating PM Toner is infused with active key ingredients such as niacinamide and arubutin lactic acid, which help in minimizing appearance of pores and improves skin pigmentation to give your skin the rejuvenation it needs.
  • Wonder Glow Face &  Body Polish
    • Maintain bright and glowing Skin with our Wonder Glow Face & Body Polish. A light formula which promotes skin brightening, deep exfoliation, and smoothening. Regular application of this beauty wonder will help improve and enhance your skin’s condition.
  • Advanced Rejuvenating Night Cream
    • End your day with our Advanced Rejuvenating Night Cream. With a thick formula which contains collagen-boosting, skin brightening, and moisturizing benefits, this all-in-one night cream will help keep your skin revitalized, bright, and smooth.  
  • Advanced Rejuvenating Day Cream
    • Your daily skin care routine should include our Advanced Rejuvenating Day Cream, an ultra plumping, collagen-boosting  thick formula that keeps the skin smooth and soft to the touch. Applying this beauty wonder once a day will help you maintain a healthy and glowing complexion.