Zoom Superstar Starter Set

Superstar Starter Set


Bring out the magic within you and start your beauty journey with us! Buying this special set not only gives you almost automatic Php 200 in savings, but it will also give you 15% discount for all your future purchases until October 31, 2020. 



This KS Beauty Club Starter Set includes:

One (1) Miracle Bacne Spray

One (1) Underarm Whitening Soap

One (1) Underarm Whitening Cream

One (1) Wonder Glow Body Polish

One (1) Charcoal Detox Glow Soap

One (1) Wrinkle-control Collagen Soap

One (1) Triple Papaya Whitening Soap

One (1) Instawhite Collagen Soap

One (1) Whitening & Bleaching Mousse Cream


Limited time offer until December 15, 2019 or until supplies last. 

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